About Us

We are an herbal food supplement company. We believe that good personal health starts with the right choices in how we live our lives and the products we put into our bodies.

CBDirective wants to offer those healthy choices to the people that are searching for them in the form of high quality CBD products that focus on top quality ingredients with herbs and spices that support the body in multiple ways.

We have created amazingly pure CBCrystals™, a delicious CBTea™ line , CBJells™ our daily supplements, CBPets™ for the extended family and the herbal supplement, CBHerb™, in order to offer better choices to the people that need it.

Our certified organic hemp supplements are in our opinion second-to-none. They provide the best quality CBD whether it be in easy-to-use capsule form, hot delicious Chai or just pure raw organic hemp to use as you like, with many more quality products to come.

Founded in 2017 by David Lazarus & Brian Bibi.