CBD for Cats & Dogs

Are you looking for high-quality CBD oil for your dog or cat? Then you’ve come to the right place at CBDirective.






Our CBD oil is made from premium quality CBD extract and delicious salmon oil, full of Omega 3 & 6. The CBD powder that we use in our CBD oil is independent laboratory tested & approved.
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What is CBD oil for cats and dogs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is an oil with a percentage of CBD, an extract from hemp plants. Here at CBDirective, we’ve developed a ‘CBD cats & dogs’ oil especially for your beloved pet, where 99% pure CBD powder is mixed with deliciously rich salmon oil. This makes our CBD oil for pets a real treat for your dog or cat! Our CBD oil for pets is completely safe for animals, although we do not recommend giving this oil supplement during their lactation or pregnancy.


CBD salmon oil benefits

Our salmon oil supplement has many health benefits. A few of our scientifically & customer-based case studies include:
Supports a healthy skin & coat


Boosted immune response, heart, brain & joint health


Reduced allergies & anxiety


Improved sleep


“My dog LOVES this stuff! It really helps with her anxiety.”

~ Anne L., Germany



CBD oil for dogs

More than people benefit from CBD products. Dogs have an Endocannabinoid system as well. Maybe you’ve already searched ‘CBD oil dog’ to discover the benefits. Our CBD oil for dogs is very popular because of it’s delicious taste & overall benefits. Add a few drops of CBD oil daily to your dog's meal for easy intake. Follow the recommended usage and your dog can reap the healthy benefits.







“My cat slept for several hours after dinner from just 3 drops in his food. He seemed perfectly happy and was more chilled and lazy than normal 🙂 I will use it to give him a health boost!”

~ Adam S., Hilversum, NL






CBD oil for cats

Cats can also benefit from CBPets™. Their Endocannabinoid system can process CBD as well. Thanks to our salmon oil with Omega-3 and 6, your cat will love this delicious CBD oil supplement especially for them.


Frequently asked questions

How do I give CBD oil to my pet?

The preferred method is to simply mix the CBD oil in your cat & dog’s meal. The organic salmon oil’s delicious taste will then add flavour to their meal. You can also add the recommended dose to your hand and feed it to them that way as well.
CBPets™ comes with two applicators: you can use the normal drop closure for exact doses or opt for the pipette dropper for a faster, easier application.

How often do I give my pet CBD oil?

You can give your pet one to four drops per meal for two to three times a day. Mixing our CBD oil with their food or simply feeding it to them out of your hand, both work well.
We recommend following the instructions provided and adjusting the CBD drops to the weight of your pet. Then pay attention to them to see the effects as they may vary depending on whether they have ever taken CBD oil before.





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CBDirective service

At CBDirective, you can be sure that your CBD oil for animals is produced ethically & biologically. All our products are also tested & approved by an accredited, third-party laboratory. Our CBD oil for cats & dogs also consists of premium quality, 99% pure CBD powder. So be sure to check that our in the shop as well. It comes in three different types.
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