Do you enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and soothing cup of tea after a long day? Then the CBD tea from CBDirective is definitely for you. Our CBD tea line offers the best of both worlds: organic CBD and premium quality delicious tea. From Chai to Jasmine tea, in our range you will find a premium CBD teas that suits your lifestyle.


Special CBD teas by CBDirective

Delicious tea with an extra special something. That is our CBD tea! Do you find organic foods important? Then our teas fit nicely into your lifestyle. Our teas blend organically certified CBD with an organic premium tea to perfection. Our hemp CBD tea blends are a delicious mix of CBD-rich hemp, herbs and spices. Did you know that chai improves the immune system and fights inflammation, among other things? Our ingredients are selected for their excellent taste and beneficial health & wellness properties.




Our range of CBD tea

Interested in CBD tea? Then CBDirective is the place for you! We sell an extensive range of CBD tea and are developing even more. For example, you can choose a delicious CBD Jasmine Green Tea blend. CBTea™ Green Jasmine, is packed with antioxidants and nutrients along with CBD-rich hemp for a powerful, packed experience.



“My wife has the CBTea™ Green Jasmine and likes it a lot. 😁 Great stuff for sure.”

@edc_holland via Instagram



Our tasty CBTea™ Chakra Chai and the rich Darjeeling tea, CBTea™ Orange Pekoe are created for every occasion. During the Winter season, we offer CBTea™ Royal Winter's Dream with tasty organic ingredients including cinnamon, apple and orange. When you cant choose which CBD hemp tea blend is right for you, try the CBTea™ Sampler. You can taste them all.



“I am always looking for the #EntourageEffect when consuming cannabis. @CBDirective gives me exactly what I need. I get a complete, full body satisfaction when drinking CBTeas™. This proves that ALL cannabinoids are important to experience Synergy.

@esjeherb via Instagram



At CBDirective, we proudly offer a CBD Women’s Tea range. These have been specifically mixed to support the female body for optimal health & wellness. Find out more here.


CBD tea benefits

Our CBD Tea is packed with organic herbs and spices that support the bodies health & wellness. So drink up the powerful antioxidants and nutrients! These ingredients have an amazing amount of benefits which we describe in our blog and the product pages. Here is a short teaser:

Chai tea

Improves the immune system and fights inflammation.


Black tea

Can reduce the risk of stroke and chronic diseases.


Pu Erh tea

Supports digestion and weight loss.


CBDirective’s CBD product range

Are you a coffee drinker? We’e got you covered. Try our CBMocha™. This delicious coffee combines organic CBD and finely ground Arabica coffee, grown using sustainable, ethical farming. Wake up with CBD, support your pets with CBD oil, supplement your diet with CBD capsules and take care of your skin with CBVetaHydrepair & Coconut Oil.


CBDirective service

CBDirective is more than the shop for premium, unique CBD products. With us, you can be sure that your CBD is produced organically and ethically. We give great importance to top quality ingredients and always have our products tested by an independent laboratory for quality control. If your order exceeds € 30, free shipping is included. With any questions about our CBD hemp tea blends, feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.