Our Dalgona CBD Coffee Recipe

It’s everywhere right now, Instagram, Tiktok… it’s more delicious Korean food culture permeating into a global phenomenon we can take part in.
By adding CBMocha™ our version of the increasingly popular CBD coffee, we decided it needed a Dalgona twist: by combining our CBD-rich instant coffee blend with the growing in popularity Dalgona coffee, this recipe is for you.
It’s a visually stunning presentation that can be quite delicious, when viewed more as a dessert or treat.
If you havent tried this sugary, caffeine-filled delicacy, then make sure you use caution. This is not something to drink daily as it is very high in sugar & caffeine, despite the addition of CBD, it would be very hard to call it healthy or for everyday consumption. This is all about pure injoyment.
Dalgona coffee is best served as a delicious desert drink for guests after a meal or using the foam to top a Whiskey amaretto to create a unique cocktail. It can give something unique and delicious to a party or dinner. By adding CBD you create even more of a conversation piece and their bodies will react in kind.
So what is Dalonga coffee? Basically it’s a light fluffy coffee meringue, sitting on hot milk, like a hot fluffy mocha desert latte. Delicious.
With #CBMocha from CBDirective, you are also filling your after-dinner drink slot with a nice dose of CBD & caffeine which can bring the night to a nice finish.
It’s also very easy to make and requires a few basic ingredients to make a great drink to injoy.

Dalgona CBD coffee recipe

2 tablespoons CBMocha™ CBD coffee
2 tablespoons Sugar
2 tablespoons Water, very hot
400ml/14 fl.oz milk (Almond / Oat milk)


Add the instant coffee, sugar and hot water into a medium mixing bowl. 
With an electric hand-held mixer, whip the mixture until it is light brown fluffy and stiff peaks when the whisk is lifted (like a meringue).
Heat the milk, if preferred, and divide between two coffee glasses.
Mix and shape the frothed coffee on top with a spoon.
Serve promptly & injoy!


Special note

The amount of mixing can’t be underestimated. An electric whisk is basically essential to the creation process if you don’t want to get bored about halfway through beating the mixture.
Make and drink with caution & injoy your very own Dalgona CBD coffee with a friend!

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Note: Always consult your doctor before attempting to change your diet or integrate supplements into your lifestyle.


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