Dosing CBD Oil like a pro

A very popular way for people to consume CBD has been the use of CBD drops or CBD Oil. Taken orally through the use of a pipette or dropper, the drops are placed either under the tongue or around the gums for maximum absorption.
Whilst this system has been around for a while, exact dosing is still quite difficult to measure due to drop sizes and inconsistencies in droppers themselves.
So let’s go into detail about the different forms of CBD Oil, how to create-your-own and our solutions for the easiest ways to get an exact dose.
Here are 4 common ways to take CBD Oil daily to fit your lifestyle.

1. CBD Oil drops taken orally

The oil drop system is usually applied under the tongue, using the body’s own ability to absorb via membranes in the mouth. This is called sublingual administration. It has been used in the medical profession as an effective way to transfer medicines and is still used to this day.
There are so many companies selling similar CBD Oil products on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.
Should my CBD Oil contain 2, 5 or 10%?
How many drops should I use each day?
How many milligrams of CBD is in each drop of CBD Oil?
These are more questions come up when buying for the first time, making the buying experience quite difficult from first glance.
Packaging information using percentages can be confusing as well, which can disguise how weak a product strength actually is. Without the proper research & knowledge base, all of these unknown factors can lead to a less than optimal experience, be it your first time trying CBD or when seeking help and advice on your personal issue.
So let’s move on to more user-friendly alternatives.

2. DIY CBD capsules

Empty capsules for home use are easy to purchase off-the-shelf to create your own CBD capsules. It takes quite a bit of work yet by utilising a simple filling tool and the raw ingredients, you can fill your own capsules and self seal to satisfaction.
It is not an easy solution, it’s labor intensive and some capsules can end up containing more or less of the needed oil, thus causing discrepancy in their effectiveness. When other ingredients are used as well, dosing can become less than exact and less be honest, the process can be quite messy.
Generally either a gelatine or vegetarian capsules that must be filled and closed manually. Whilst these can be more accurate, the ease with which they are manufactured leaves a lot of room for error and contaminants as well as varying strength and quality.
This brings up it’s own group of questions:
Where were the CBD capsules made?
Do they contain clean, high quality CBD oil?
Are the capsules vegetarian?
Messy, contaminant prone and there isn’t a guaranteed exact dose per capsule. So if that is what you're looking for, read on…

3. 10mg CBJells™ gel capsules

Because of the current market offering so many varying methods to consume CBD and the inconsistencies found in the CBD oil drops approach, we decided our customers would be best served with a clear & consistent product with the same guaranteed results with each small jell.
We released CBJells™ to help alleviate confusion around CBD dosing sizes and we love this solution. These golden beauties have a guaranteed exact measurement of 10mg so that consistency and ease of use is directly accessible to our customers.
The gelatine capsules are not suitable for vegetarians. We are looking into a vegetarian option yet have no found any that fit our quality requirements as of yet.
Allowed to dissolve in your mouth, these jells can have a strong after taste, so we recommend swallowing with water like an other supplement as a best practice.
These perfect little golden jells are a great way to introduce CBD into your body with a consistent 10mg dose each time.
There’s no need to measure drops to milligrams as you would do with CBD oil and also no ability to reopen the capsules and have them contaminated in anyway as you would in CBD oil filled CBD capsules.
Unlike many CBD oils the colour is refined and there is no taste as it is easily swallowed by design.
If you have been thinking about starting with CBD oil or maybe even considering buying your first pack of capsules, make sure you are choosing the right method for your lifestyle.

4. CBPets™ Organic CBD Salmon Oil

Another use of CBD oil is for pets specifically. Cats & Dogs also have an Endocannabinoid system which can be activated to bring about more well-being and a relaxed state.
Our CBPets™ uses a 100% organic salmon oil as the carrier for the CBD to support your pet’s health.
The organic salmon oil itself has many benefits for your pet including: supporting a healthy skin & coat, boosted immune response, boosted heart & brain health, reduced anxiety, reduced allergies, improved sleep & joint health.
Many people use these products with anxious or nervous dogs or old Arthritic cats in order to help alleviate some of their problems.
For example, here in the Netherlands, we are going into firework season which can scare a lot of dogs. Anxious dogs can remain in a heightened state due to the increased anxiety, preventing them from getting good rest and sleep, which is essential for their overall well-being.
CBD oil can help cats & dogs get better rest which in itself can help them in the long term dealing with the issues that affect them in day-to-day life, even outside of firework season.

Take it from one of our satisfied customers who has found a great deal of relief with her dog Betty.

Just like us, we function better with a good nights sleep and plenty of rest. So treat your pets as well as you would treat yourself. They will always be grateful.

Want more information about the many benefits of CBD Oil?

There are many health benefits associated with CBD oil and if you would like to learn more, check out Healthline which has many articles on the benefits of CBD oil and how it can improved your overall experience.
Thanks for reading the article and be sure to leave any comments below related to CBD Oil and how you integrate it into your lifestyle.
Yours truly,


  1. adamstockwin

    Have to say the CBD oil (taken with coffee in the morning) is a real blessing. Gone are the stiff-limbed days of sedentary office work, the body feels relaxed without all the tension I used to get. The CBD teas are also excellent too; thank you CBDirective!!

    1. B BIBI

      It’s great to hear you’re injoying our CBD drinks healthy effects! Let us know when you need another pick-me-up 😉

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