Dry Scalp? Try this homemade Scalp Recovery Oil

First off, let me explain the difference between Dry Scalp & Dandruff.
I have a very dry, itchy painful scalp. It can sometimes look like I have standard dandruff but for those who suffer from this condition will understand, it can be painful and result in dry, painful spots on the head.
Because they are often hidden by hair, the results often look like the classic, white dust skin on the shoulders of dark clothes, or the snowy effect when your hear is rubbed as the particles fall from your head.
To be clear, dry scalp and dandruff are two very different issues. Dry scalp is the very clear description of the problem: the scalp is dry. Dandruff is actually a very different problem. A scalp that is has too much oil will cause skin shedding to occur after buildup. That was news to me.
The symptoms can seem very similar but treating dandruff is very different from treating a dry scalp due to the differing causes. Please make sure you know which one is closest to your skin type by reading a more in-depth analysis here.
Throughout my research, I have not found the perfect mix that actually supports getting rid of both the dusty effect of the dry scalp, and the itchiness & dryness all at once.
So I came up with it myself.
By using a combination of some oils mixed together and rubbing them into my scalp, almost all my symptoms have vanished. What a relief! This practice has become a standard part of my ‘post-shower’ routine and everyone around me is happier for it along with myself.



The Scalp Recovery Oil Formula

The body loves Coconut oil and absorbs it easily. It acts as a great foundational structure for the benefits of the other ingredients that are needed.
Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and microbial properties, along with the ability to treat affected areas.
Avocado oil is great for dry, itchy areas and to encourage the skin to relax and calm down.
CBVeta™ contains organic Lavender oil which has also been shown to be natural anti-bacterial along with the added benefit of the high concentration of organic 99% CBD extract. This is a great heavy-hitter.
It is important to note that the shampoo you are using can have a huge effect on this condition and it is very important that you choose wisely. Go organic & animal-testing free. Consult with a dermatologist or your doctor to find a medical or suitable shampoo if you are unsure and Google search results are supporting you finding the right solution.



Scalp Recovery Oil Recipe

Organic Coconut oil - 1 heaping teaspoon
Avocado oil - 3-5 drops
Tea Tree Oil - 2 drops
CBVeta™ - 2 pumps


Applying the solution:

Place coconut oil on mixing tray or palm of hand
Add avocado oil and rub together until liquid
Now add two drops of tea tree oil and mix again,
Finally, add two pumps of CBVeta™ and rub together until it has become a single mixed oil.
Start by massaging the Scalp Recovery Oil into the worst affected dry areas of the scalp. Make sure it is reaching the scalp and not being lost only in the hair.
Massage thoroughly into the scalp, as much as necessary and leave to absorb.
By applying this consistently throughout the week, within 2-3 days, I have found that I no longer shed and the dry itchiness has all but disappeared. Better yet, I can wear black coats again without worry.
Now thats a great recovery.
Let me know how the oil works for you and how it has affected your life in the comments below. Here’s to a new beginning of wearing whatever I want, whenever I want. Cheers!

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