The world is changing and shifting rapidly. Social isolation, the nervous atmosphere in our local areas with people confused and afraid. Don’t worry, we are in this together and it’s natural to feel this vulnerable. This is a unique time in our recent history and we are quick to forget the times we’ve survived these situations in the past.
Within the current situation that humanity is facing right now, it is easy to look for simple answers. It is also in these turbulent times that charlatans and snake oil salesmen see ripe opportunities to prey on the vulnerable, panicking general public, claiming to sell cures and/or preventative medicines.
As the epicenter of this pandemic continues to shifts and change with the flow and growth of this infection, it is essential to keep a clear head and take great responsibility in the areas where you can.
If you are able and feel so inclined, then take the necessary measures, follow doctors’ recommendations and do your best to not contribute to and/or get caught up in angst ridden news stories that are designed to intimidate and capture attention through fear mongering.
This behaviour is no different from selling bogus products. ‘Profit from misery’ has always been one of the darker sides of the human condition and staying informed is one of the only ways to combat these charlatans and profiteers in dramatically changing times.
Politicians are making claims that relate to their power, not medical facts, while the lack of intelligence around health matters have been highlighted to an extraordinary degree.
Do we really want to hand over the well-being of our nations most vulnerable, our healthcare and disease control to winners of popularity contests that have no background in medicine or science and who’s main role is to further fatten the pockets of their friends and donors?
This brings us to the reason and inspiration for this blog: we truly believe that CBD as part of well-balanced diet can do great things for our bodies well-being and functionality on a whole.
CBD has also been prescribed for people with very specific conditions and has been proven to work and help these conditions backed by the scientific community. More research is emerging and we will be sure to keep you posted as it develops!
This does not mean CBD is a heal all wonder drug as if often claimed by either oil manufacturers or various ‘scene’ influencers.
In between the conspiratorial posts, stories and claims of some random herbal cure, you will find words like ‘high dose CBD’ or ‘entourage effect of cannabinoids can protect or cure you’.


In fact there has been some evidence to the contrary with regard to THC in Covid-19 patients but in how far that is related to smoking conditions is unknown.
There is that key word again. : UNKNOWN
Get used to that word for now, because that’s where we are, how long will it last?
How many people will be affected? When will we have a vaccine?
When will herd immunity take over? Am I at risk?

The answer to all of these questions is “UNKNOWN”

As alarming as it is, we have seen many claims surrounding CBD and the Coronavirus. Not one of them can be proven or has been proven to have any effect at all.
This is not a time to give false hope to people while fear runs rampant and certainly not a moment to try to increase profits from the angst and suffering of the whole world. That’s some bad juju! We agree with you wholeheartedly have your back in seeing through the fog of today’s media push.
Currently, the world does not have an effective treatment and the work towards a suitable vaccine is very far off still, so patience, a calm trusting mindset combined with compassion are the real tools we can utilise to continue thriving while the world decides how to survive this fear pandemic.
We love CBD at CBDirective but we also want you to stay safe and make informed decisions.
CBD is not a cure all and certainly has had no clinical trials or tests done around this virus, be wary of those that tell it does.
So now is the time to listen to our medical professionals, epidemiologists and scientists to the best of our ability.
Let’s do our part to alleviate the strain on our overworked health workers and healthcare systems as a whole, by doing as much as we can towards stopping the spread of this virus locally.
listen to your doctor covid-19 2020
Isolation seems to have a profound effect on the spread of this virus yet if it does start to attack the lungs, it can be deadly or leave permanent damage, no matter your age.
Exercise, unplug from the main stream media, innovate ‘inside the box’ and enjoy the precious time with family and our personal projects that we have longed for. Do go outside as necessary for food and to reconnect with this unique time of fresh air, clear skies & the quiet of a changing world society.
Don’t click ‘reshare’ on nonsense, don’t post fake cures or false hope. This sort of nonsense has already cost lives because of peoples fear, they will try anything to survive or not get sick, and some people just like to watch the world burn.
Feel free to spread the vibration of safety, health & well-being for all. That will bring us all together better in this time that we are in desperate need of more togetherness & security in our environment.
Taking care of yourself is taking care of our future.
Stay safe and be good to each other.
‘May the world be blessed with perfect health.’
In clarity & well-being,
David & Brian



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