Our Bulletproof CBD Coffee Recipe

We love playing with our body chemistry, using our diet to help boost our mental performance and lead healthier lives. We feel that CBD can play a vital role in a healthy lifestyle.
First proposed on a blog by Dave Asprey, he details his Bio-hacking adventures through diet, with some incredible claims to the benefits received from this new way of living.
Read about his journey & discoveries
With the arrival of our CBMocha™ our version of the increasingly popular CBD coffee, we decided it needed an even better twist: to combine our CBD-rich instant coffee blend with our love of the bulletproof coffee in this recipe just for you.

Bulletproof CBD coffee

1-2 healthy teaspoons CBMocha
200ml Water
5-10g grass fed Butter (do not add cold, leave out to warm up to room temperature)
1 tablespoon Coconut oil, MCT oil or Ghee (depending on availability or taste)
[Optional: 4 drops lions mane mushroom extract]

As fans of a ketogenic diet, starting your day with a fat-based coffee drink helps to get those essential fats into your system without spiking your insulin level.
If you use any form of intermittent fasting or ketogenic diet, then this breakfast treat can be a great way to start your day.
If you are not familiar with a ketogenic diet or low carb lifestyle, then we recommend reading this amazing article on healthline.com that spells it out for starters.
With #CBMocha from CBDirective, you are also starting your day with a nice dose of CBD, as well as caffeine and those essential fats that the liver needs to breakdown to produce those lovely ketones.


Boil the water and let it stand for 2-3 mins approx. (to cool so as not to burn the coffee)
Add the #CBMocha to the cup and add a teaspoon of cold water.
Stir in the butter until the creamy layer has developed and then stir in the coconut / MCT oil / ghee until fully integrated into the coffee mix.
Add additional supplements with dropper (mushroom extract or other).
Stir vigorously and then enjoy the creamy taste of your own bulletproof CBD coffee.

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Note: Always consult your doctor before attempting to change your diet or integrate supplements into your lifestyle.


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