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Dosing CBD Oil like a pro

A very popular way for people to consume CBD has been the use of CBD drops or CBD Oil. Taken orally through the use of a pipette or dropper, the drops are placed either under the tongue or around the gums for maximum absorption. Whilst this system has been around for a while, exact...


CBTea™ goes plastic-free!

Being an avid tea researcher, I come across many different types of tea flavours and brands expressing their views on organic teas, ethical practices and thinking about the planet. Yet what a lot of the companies don't mention is that there is plastic in their tea bags, used as a bonding agent to keep...


Our Bulletproof CBD Coffee Recipe

We love playing with our body chemistry, using our diet to help boost our mental performance and lead healthier lives. We feel that CBD can play a vital role in a healthy lifestyle. First proposed on a blog by Dave Asprey, he details his Bio-hacking adventures through diet, with some incredible claims to the...