CBTea™ Harmony


CBTea™ Harmony is a premium quality, organic blend of CBD-rich Hemp with fennel, nettle and ginger, to support women’s bodies feeling good.
Health benefits include:
~ Improves digestion (fennel)
~ Alleviate cramps, reduces nausea (star anise)
~ Flushes kidneys & bladder preventing UTIs (nettle)
~ Relieves pain, relaxes muscles & lowers stress (ginger)
~ High in antioxidants, antiviral & antimicrobial properties (hops)
~ Reduces acne, wrinkles & dark circles (rose petals)
~ Boosts the immune system and aids weight loss (verbena)
~ and more!
Blended with CBD-rich raw organic hemp, this is guaranteed to please.
Quantity : 30 grams ℮  (10 x 3g tea bags)
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Featuring our newly improved 100% biological corn fiber tea bag. No staple means animal-friendly as well.
For best results: Steep 1-2 bags in a pot and keep warm for 10 minutes. Add coconut oil for better CBD bio-availability.
Ingredients : Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp, fennel, nettle, hop petals, balm, ginger (ginger, raw cane sugar), rose petals, cudweed, star anise, verbena whole, chokeberries, cornflower blue. All ingredients are certified organic. All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Naturally caffeine free.
Blended & distributed in EU.


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