CBTea™ Sampler


CBTea™ Blended CBD Tea Sampler is a premium quality, organically sourced, 4-pack. We’ve combined our 4 major tea lines : Green Jasmine, Orange Pekoe, Chakra Chai & the Royal Winter’s Dream blends into one product for more CBD tasting fun.
Each combines our CBD-rich hemp with it’s own variety of premium quality tea & herbs from around the globe, to give this mix a life all its own.
Health benefits include : antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, may help reduce stress, lower cholesterol and many more properties.
For best results: Steep 1-2 bags in a pot and keep warm for 10 minutes. Add coconut oil for better CBD bio-availability.
Blended & distributed in EU.
Quantity : 30 grams ℮  (10 x 3g tea bags: 3x Jasmine, 3x Chai, 3x Orange, 1x Royal Winter’s Dream)
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Chakra Chai : Hemp (40%), cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamon, curcuma, rose petals & caraway. All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Green Jasmine : Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp (45%), high grade Chinese jasmine green tea (55%). All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Orange Pekoe : Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp (45%), the finest tippy golden flower orange pekoe (55%). All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Royal Winter’s Dream: Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp* (40%), Pu Erh chinese tea*, cinnamon sticks*, apple*, orange peels*, natural (cinnamon & orange) flavouring, hazelnut*, walnut*, clove*, cardamon*. *Certified Organic. 0% THC


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