CBVeta™ Coconut Oil


Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids & CBD, this daily moisturiser is used for soft, youthful looking skin, to protect skin and for thicker, faster hair growth.
Eliminate blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, age spots & stretch marks. Anti-bacterial, -fungal & -microbial properties for itchy skin & eczema.
Our premium Extra Virgin cold pressed, 100% pure Coconut Oil is made with freshly-harvested, certified organic coconuts and packaged under hygienic conditions.
Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, 99.47% Cannabidiol (CBD) extract*. *Certified organic.
Directions: Apply to hair before bed for deep conditioning. Apply sparingly to hair and tips for extra shine. Apply sparingly to skin to moisturise.
Storage: Remains a ‘white solid’ below 25º. Becomes a ‘clear liquid’ above 25º. Keep away from children.
Quantity: 250ml oil with 125mg CBD.


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Our unprocessed coconut oil is a naturally saturated fat and contains no cholesterol or trans fats. Moreover, it is not hydrogenated. It mainly contains fatty acids of moderate length that can easily be converted into energy by the body, rather than stored as a fat. This Coconut oil is considered a superfood. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and stimulates the immune system. It contains around 50% lauric acid, which helps the immune system and improves metabolism. The lauric acid together with the capric acid and caprylic acid have antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. In addition, it helps the absorption of nutrients such as minerals, amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

Our virgin coconut oil comes from The Philippines. On this tropical archipelago, the coconut palm tree thrives. This versatile crop provides nutritious flesh, refreshing coconut water, strong fibres and leaves for clothing and of course the creamy coconut oil for cooking, cosmetics and traditional medicines.

Premium Extra Virgin cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil from CBDirective™ is an organic certified product of premium quality. Thanks to this certificate, you know that what you buy has been created with an eye and care for people and nature.


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