Shopping easily during lockdown

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We’re all in some form of lockdown here in Holland.
Maybe not as intense as other countries but still, life is moving at a more pedestrian pace.
We are ever more likely to order certain essentials and luxuries online now and let them be delivered to our doors to avoid unnecessary travel and contact.
As the stores run out of vitamin C tablets and restrict sales of paracetamol whilst everyone is standing in line at a safe distance from each other, more and more people start to change their purchasing habits.
With the likes of Netflix and Disneyplus seeing subscription numbers soaring and stores like Bol or Amazon struggling to keep up with the increased sales and supermarket home delivery services increasing, we are seeing a glimpse of a new paradigm in how consumers will interact with shops and brands in a post infection world. 
Because of the global condition we share, ease of access plays an important part of people wanting to pick up their products.
So as people are casually browsing for a new mobile device, musical instrument or camping gear you can now access all of our products and add them to your cart.
CBDirective is extremely happy to make its products available to you on the Dutch favourite shopping site
Bol’s pricing includes our discounted PostNL shipping and buying multiples can add to your savings!
One basket, one payment and we will make sure you get our Amazing CBD products shipped straight to your door.
Click here to visit our shop on

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